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Dry Bones Journal: From Reconstruction to Restoration (Paperback)
  • Dry Bones Journal: From Reconstruction to Restoration (Paperback)

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    Journal - In a world where marriages are failing at every turn, where do you find hope for healing, restoration, reconstruction, and reconciliation?


    In Dry Bones: God's Plan for Restoring Marriage, you found a safe place to deal with the good, the bad and yes, even the ugly of marriage. A great resource packed full of scriptures and promises of God our testimony and journey towards healing. Dry Bones the Journal coaches you from reconstruction to restoration.


    This Journal offers you a guide, a step-by-step process on changing your behavior and learning to attune your ear to the voice of the Lord. Each day as you journal there are daily prompts to align your behavior with Gods word. This journal is packed with steps to help you to read and listen to the voice of the Lord. With an emphasis on healing and reflections.


    The weekly check point encourages you to monitor your progress and gauge your growth. Each day you begin with what you heard from the Lord through reading, writing or song and reflect on how it applies to your healing. The daily check points to monitor how well you are taking care of your Body, Mind and Spirit to encourage holistic approach to healing and self-awareness. This book uses practical coaching techniques and biblical principles to restore your relationship with God first and then one another.

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